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The intent to consolidate idea statements from across the world it to explore it, to create a platform where people can come together and explore, engage and contribute.

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Secure the rights to your inventive products and processes from anywhere in the world. Aihiki’s team of management experts and attorneys are focussed on a jargon free outcome driven approach to trademarks, copyrights, patent filing, and other IP rights. From transcribing your idea in legal language to patent search and post grant support, we can make sure your innovations go through a safe and convenient legal process.


Build an identity for your business that resonates with the values and messages you wish to communicate with target consumers.

Establish your unique identity and stand apart from competitors with an impactful visual story that represents your brand’s goals and adds value to your products and services.

Explainer Videos

Smart marketing is all about giving consumers what they want. Nothing better than a video they can sit back, relax, and engage with.

From product overviews to brand stories and educational content, videos are the medium of choice for today’s clients and consumers. Take advantage of this audio-visual stimulation and benefit from improved brand affiliation and connection.

Public Relations

Spreading the word is anyone’s game, but spreading the word among the right people is a job for experts with a dedicated strategy.

Press outreach is a vital factor in promoting your brand’s story, products, or services. Our PR experts work across relevant networks as well as guarantee responses with engaging pitches.

Digital Marketing

ust the head start you need in the present and future of innovative marketing to establish an edge over your competitors.

Dip into the expanding potential of the most cost-effective channels that suit the evolved needs of today’s businesses. From email and SEO to affiliate and influencer marketing, we offer endless opportunities to facilitate result-driven strategies.

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